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I am offended by Obama and his Administrations non-recognition of the 11-American Lives Lost and of the families morning these lost lives during the 2010 oil rig explosion off the gulf. I believe, a President's whether Republican or Democratic throughout America's past have, under similar circumstances, immediately and respectfully expressed such loss with condolences to Americans and their families; before finger-point and making accusations of blame.
This non-recognition is another example of Obama's disrespect to the Presidential Office, this great Nation, and Americans. By Obama's non-recognition, he has once again shown his low-class, elementary, and embarrassing behaviors to the entire world; and that he is so non-deserving of the Presidential Office.
As this non-recognition of the 11-American Lives Lost by Obama and his Administration is both a disgrace, but even more so shows a disrespect to the families of the deceased by the Presidential office; of which Americans have never seen in one of their Presidents.
Obama and his top administrative officials, should not have began their comments with an immediate pointing of fingers; as they began shouting from every media form's microphone and keyboard. "It's not our fault, it's their fault; "no, it's the MMS' fault."
However, Obama and his Admin should only have respectfully stated their respect for the deceased and condolences to the families thereof. Followed by, Obama's expression of great concern for the disaster at hand, then the importance and priority he was placing on the clean-up and the importance of returning America's displaced businesses, business owners, and workers to earning an income and supporting their families again. While demanding full and lengthy investigative reports to be completed and submitted by all entities involved during and after the disaster to his top officials.
Obama should only have expressed the importance of these investigative reports; and the procedures by which he and his admin would use to conclude the causes, effects, and conclusions of this disaster. Stating that he and his admin would be unable to comment on the causes, effects, and outcomes; as no truths, nor blame and be placed without, these investigative reports, their submission, review, by his top officials and then their conclusions wherefrom. As these type of disaster and loss of life is worthy of Obama's top admin officials and even Congressional Hearings before conclusions can be found. However, the United States being the best, strongest, and most industrious nation will to the best of their ability, by way of all investigations find the causes, effects, clean-up procedures, penalties, and find preventions, suiting this disaster and its size and impact of such a disaster.
However, the non-recognition of the Americans who lost their lives, which then disrespects the American families of those lives lost; and the elementary, unprofessional behavior of finger-pointing, prematurly has once again brought disgrace on Obama and the presidential office, he is so unqualified to hold.
Of course, what do I know, maybe, Obama did read someone's report of the oilrig disaster? Whose report? BP's, the third party company working with BP, the MMS's, maybe CNN's. On the other hand, maybe Holder gave Obama his opinion, before reading a report on the oilrig's explosion. Hmhmhmmm? This Administration just makes me go hhmmmmm!

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