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Did Obama really not notice, recognize, nor express condolences for more than 30-American Lives Lost? Not, not well-enough, I heard and saw nothing of the sort from Obama during the most recent days after the 2010 flood of Tennessee!

I watched and listened too many of my favorite country music singers play during the weekend after Nashville, TN lost 30 American lives. The injured and the losses that many Americans suffered during the flooding in and around Tennessee suffered, where great while once again Obama disgraced the Presidential office, he holds, by living luxuriously, jet-setting, and ignoring the pains of America and Americans.

During the 2010 floods within Tennessee, 30 Americans Lost their Lives, American Families were in Mourning, and many other Americans were Injured; while other American families were left homeless, and many American workers displaced. Obama just didn't seem to react as a leader and with the patron-like concern of a U.S. President that most of us felt he should have. Much the same as he did during the 'Offshore drilling disaster",  as he did not recognize the 11-American Lives Lost then, nor their families' in mourning either for days after their loss.

Obama, as American Presidents of the past have, has not expressed and not sent the Presidential thoughts, prayers, and condolences to all who are suffering due to the TN disaster. While Obama should also be promising to aid these Americans, by way of, stating his sending of all our resources to aid these Americans in restoring their injuries, losses, and aiding in returning their lives to normal in as many ways as possible (though the lives lost cannot be restored, replaced, nor restitution made) but only Presidential Condolences made...

The Country Musicians who played and sang a heartwarming Telethon, and proceeds will aid those who suffered losses in TN. My heart and tears swelled for the care, warmth, courage, and strength of those Americans suffering these losses; and for the Americans working the telethon for helping those who suffered loss in TN. These Americans while working the telethon made a show of concern for their fellow Americans and proved how this country became the greatest Nation in the world.

Take note this show of concern and support without the guidance and interference of government (due to a poor and unqualified President in office today); this nation and its people work to over-come disaster, begin to function, aid one another, working to restore their community and Americas greatness, outside the boundaries of government. While this negligentful government, president, and unqualified admin sit back on their haunches and ignored the 30-American Lives Lost, their mourning families, and the need for Obama to make a public address the citizens.

I believe, this show and telethon is an example of how Americans, aided by the Tea Party Patriots, will again overcome, aid, and support one another, to close the gap on this un-qualified president and his admin, have and are making; and restore this nation to its greatness.

I believe, this nation by closing the Obama Admin's gap in greatness; will be further restored, by way of the November 2010 Elections. To be further restored by the 2012 elections; and that the Tea Party Patriots will play a most pivotal role in this restoration by way of the "Grassroots Movement" and the Modern Day (non-violent)

Intellectual "American Revolt and Restoration of the United States Constitutional'; by way of "Limited Government, Free Markets, and some day even Fiscal Responsibility"!

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