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Conservatism Breathes Down Necks of Democrats; 2012 Election Campaigns Ramp-up

Democrats, are, do, and should feel the breath of Republicans, conservatives, and the Tea Party Patriots down the backs of their liberal necks; as conservative values, fiscal responsibility, and free market beliefs breaths blow across political lines.

The Tea Party Patriots, since Obama's election and almost ruin of America's economy and values, have organized beyond the liberals, small-minded imaginations. The Tea Party continues today to grow, organize, and do so with class, morals, and values of which our children may attend and stand proudly next to and with us at our political rallies, protests, and appearances.

Yes, our children, from birth to elementary years, and then teenage to young adult years; stand with us, participate, and even aid in Tea Party events. How and why is it possible that Tea Party Patriotism and Conservative Events can dub as family events also? The Tea Party Patriot and Republican Party Organizations, are based on conservative ideals, values, and morals so they are right, real, and true. Making them decent people, families, and places for the entire family around. 

Tea Party Patriotism does not stand for Democrat, Republican, Independent, nor Libertarian political parties; but for something much larger and in combination with… 'Americans'. The United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutional Amendments, the Founding Fathers' Ideals, the Suffrage of Women, and all of the I have Dream-Dreamers… the Tea Party Patriots stands for all of these individuals together in one group…

A return to the America of so many groups, who protested, spoke out, and fought for a free America. The America, where anyone could work hard, make a buck, buy a home, and raise a family when not over-taxed, over-burdened by buracy, and civil liberties are not squashed by glass ceilings or floors (going in either direction).

The Tea Party Patriots, believe in Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets. Believe in hard work, getting ahead by so doing, and making wise choices. Yes, Tea Partiers and America's conservative majority is and has been making a difference of late. During the 2010 November Elections, for example, it was the first time in many years a President had to fly across the U.S. to California, to aid of his Democratic Senator during her year of re-election (Barbara Boxer, CA-D). Even though, California is one of the most liberal states in our nation the liberals were running scared during the 2010 elections and they are in the upcoming 2012 as well.

This Tea Party Patriot, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and woman believes the liberals, socialists, democrats, etc. who are up for re-election during 2012 have begun to feel a quiver running down their spines. As the Tea Party Patriots and conservatives, breathe values, fiscal responsibility, and free market beliefs, across political lines and down the backs of their socialistic necks.

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