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While the majority of Americans seemed to not want the expense or the type of healthcare reform that President Obama and Company have seemingly been forcing upon us, even more Americans disagree with the IRS being appointed, the healthcare police.; and even more dislike the medicare/social security reform as well.

Most individuals do not want the IRS powers expanded, by way of enforcing healthcare laws. According to Fox News Reports (2010), Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Douglas Shulman claims the IRS' enforcement of healthcare laws is not and will not be used as a power-grab. However, how many of us believe this, not this Tea Party Pat'…
"Though the IRS insists the health care reform law doesn't allow the agency to do anything "too punitive" -- like lock people up or seize their property -- for breaking the mandate to buy health insurance, Republicans on the top tax-writing committee in Congress say they can't imagine the IRS wouldn't try to expand its power," (, 2010, para. 1).
This Blogger has to agree with the Republicans, what will the IRS do when those who don't have a tax refund to garnish owe fines for non-conformance of healthcare laws? But, make for a power grab!
Why wouldn't the IRS and the Democrats go back to the drawing board and find ways to increase healthcare revenues, by increasing penalty amounts, garner wages, seize property, and even imprison those who don't pay.
Do healthcare supporters really believe the IRS and the Democrats will take lightly to being ignored and owed healthcare fines? I hope not, the Democrats have their hands deep in the American coffers today and everyday seem to be digging deeper, as they strive to make the U.S. a Socialistic Country, much like England.
One Fox News Reader commented, "One way to evade the IRS is to abandon the workforce and become a government sloth. . . . EASY!!!! NO EFFORT REQUIRED. ... Since the government is REQUIRED to take care of me, I see no reason to worry, do you???"
How many of us haven't thought this at least once during the Obama Administration? Not that we would do it, but that it is a sad day in America, when it pays more to not work, than to work hard.
The American Dream used to come by way of hard work. Today, it seems the Democrats believe everyone is owed the American Dream, by way of, being born and breathing; not hard work necessary!

Fox News Website, (April 7, 2010). Republicans to Taxpayers: Brace for IRS Enforcement of Health Care Law

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