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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Talk whether by blog, TV, or radio and in the form of news, parody, or song the “Occupy Wall Street” Protestors and the Tea Party Patriots (TPP) joining this Wall Street Sit-in group or mob! Seems absurd! Why?
These out of control protestors have led to NYPD, officers needed just to keep traffic flowing and the working citizens of Wall Street protected. Now, the NYPD are being scrutinized; Brutality or Necessary force? Geez, Come on!

Really, we all know the NYPD had no choice against the core group of Anarchists involved here; as the “We Are 99%” are truly Socialistic-Nazis, this blogger will inform you on who the group really is that started the sit-in and is really behind these protests; even if mainstream media won't.

After Tear Gassing, Tasing, flogging, handcuffing, and two weeks of daily Wall Street Protests leading to out of control protests, with Saturday’s October 1st totals topping out at 700, the Occupy Wall Street-ers are still scheduling events through next week, according to the protesting group’s website.

Recent discussions, of the Tea Party Patriots abandoning their grassroots causes and core Tea Party Patriot values, by not joining the “Occupy Wall Street” Campaign, Marches, Protests, or Arrests; Just are incongruous then right?
The likenesses of the “Occupy Wall Street” and the Tea Party Patriots protests have been opened for a plethora of discussions since the start of the Wall Street Sit-in two-weeks ago. In addition, Ray Medeiros, a contributing writer on an independent Liberal News Website, the Politicus USA, stated his beliefs of the Tea Party Patriots having common threads with the Occupy Wall Street Marchers.

Therefore (according to Medeiros), the Tea Party Patriots should join these law-breaking protestors. Well, according to this Tea Party Patriot and Blogger (Chelle) the Occupy Wall Street protestors are simply anarchists looking for legitimacy and doing so with microscopy; finding a few scraps of threads and then trying to match these threads to the materials found in the TPP's clean and crisp flag.
Mederios continued, trying to connect the Tea Party Patriots starting up due to the U.S. citizens outrage over the 2008 Wall Street Bailouts, stating the Tea Party should join the Occupy Wall Street Marchers. Later, in the same article he touts other common ground between the two groups as the outsourcing of jobs, and big money controlling U.S. politics; when he really is trying to bring legitimacy to the We are 99%-er's causes. Mr. Mederios, do you really know who the 99%-ers are? if so you wouldn't call them to join with Tea Party Patriots, you would know this is an impossibility.

Well, here is one ground I know the Tea Party Patriots don’t share with the Stock Market Protestors, since the sit-in started and according to a recent Fox News Article, over the last two weeks the Wall Street-ers have been camping out in a plaza located at the Financial District of Manhattan.
Yes, these protestors have forced the authorities to use plenty of necessary force to take control of their protests, even tear-gassing, taseing, and arresting them. As these “Occupy Wall Street-ers” have shown us they are seemingly “ANARCHISTS”, as one friend of this blogger called them as he saw them.
U-tube video footage viewed on the Fox News Website of the October 1st Brooklyn Bridge Protest, “…show protesters screaming obscenities at police and taking the hat from one of the officers. Others show police struggling with people who refuse to get up,”

Finally, during yesterday’s public disturbance and law breaking session or “March” as the “Occupy Wall Street-ers” would like us to call their event, reached Our American Landmark, the Brooklyn Bridge, arrest record again rose; so far, “the OCCUPY WALL STREET Marches” have resulted in arrest after arrest.
These rebel Protestors seemingly prefer their anti-establishment, anti-rules, get at "The Man", and Anarchy style of protesting, far be it, to that of the law-abiding family oriented and conservative-style of the Tea Party Patriots; who set the appropriate March and Protest Example of our civilized era. Let’s face it, the police don’t tear-gas or tase peaceful demonstrations that include over 1,000 people including the media watching every step, not in 2011, and not with lawsuits and contingency lawyers being what they are today either.
Although the “We are 99%” who organize and post the Occupy Wall Street Event's Flyers, Blogs, and the Occupy Wall Street Website, along with now starting a new group in honor of the Sit-in's Movement and is called "The General Assembly" has been planning the Schedule of Events for the Wall Street Sit-in.

On the Website they describe the October 1 schedule of events as, well let us just say, you might consider the Wall Street-ers Event as having similarities with the Grassroots TPP Events; if you didn't know about the arrest record of the Wall Street-ers, that is. Below is an excerpt from the October 1 Event Flyer written by the “We are 99%-ers” or “Occupy Wall Street Organizers”
As members of the 99 percent, we occupy Wall Street as a symbolic gesture of our discontent with the current economic and political climate and as an example of a better world to come. Therefore, we invite the public, our fellow 99 percent, to join us in a march on SATURDAY AT THREE, starting from LIBERTY PLAZA (ZUCCOTTI PARK) at LIBERTY & BROADWAY.
March will end with a gathering and some eating at Brooklyn Bridge Park 5:30 pm.
Special Guests include Amiri Baraka and others! Food provided.


The organization behind the original “Occupy Wall Street” protests are the members of “WE ARE 99%”! A Cloak the WE ARE 99% HIDE BEHIND IS THE OCCUPY WALL STREET and soon will be "The General Assembly"

Do Not allow your children to fall prey to the "General Assembly", the "Occupy Wall Street", without knowing the truth and the ideals of the We are 99%... Go to the We ARE 99% Blog, which this blogger linked throughout and start to learn about the 99%-ers, an Anarchist Group!
Therefore, the core members of the Occupy Wall Street-ers are the “We ARE 99%-ers” here is Our Ah, Moment!
So, while the WE ARE 99% would like to legitimize themselves by associating or finding ways of convincing America's Media, Politicians, and others watching into believing they represent the majority within America, such as the Tea Party Patriots now holding this position. However, the nationwide droves of conservative individuals that are the Patriots Membership within America’s towns, cities, counties, states, and national grassroots groups who are the real 99% (or majority) of Americans.
A sneak peek at Monday’s “Occupy Wall Street” Protest, according to the Occupiers, General Assembly:
Arts and Culture for Monday, October 3, 2011’s Event: Zombie Flesh Mob All Day, 8 a.m. -onward! Everyone come dressed as a corporate zombie! This means jacket and tie if possible, white face, fake blood, eating monopoly money, and doing a slow march, so when people come to work on Monday in this neighborhood they see us reflecting the metaphor of their actions

Therefore, The Wall Street criminal Protestors CAN FORGET IT, THEY BEAR NO real COMPARISONs, nor legitimacy with the Tea Party Patriots.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Tea Party Patriots' Declaration of Independence

I, Michelle, am the founder and a former coordinator of the Antelope Valley Tea Party Patriots, which is a local group of the Tea Party Patriots located in Lancaster and Palmdale, California and Los Angeles County. I have been questioned, asked to describe, and/or defend the Tea Party Patriots stances on non-partisanship and the non-endorsement of politicians. I have had to shout from the rafters that, the Tea Party patriots, unite to inform, support, and influence citizens to vote their beliefs, but mostly to get out vote. Moreover, that the Tea Party Patriots are a different group, than the Tea Party Express…

I have had to proclaim, so often, that the Tea Party Patriots are not a third political party, but do follow political issues, follow the consensus of the conservative or "Grassroots Movement" of the United States’ Citizens, and does use the people’s consensus to demand the senate and congress govern according to the United States Constitution. While, defending The Nation's Constitution, demanding the Senate and the House not divert from the United States’ Founding Fathers intended meaning of the Constitution. The Tea Party Patriots do this by allowing political parties and the seats they hold to vote according the people’s consensus and social beliefs, by standing up to speak out publically, and by holding rallies to influence the politicians that ultimately vote either for or against the citizen’s consensus.
Although, I am unable to explain the Tea Party Patriots’ Independence from political parties and politicians, as well as the Declaration of Tea Party Patriot’s Independence does, so I have provided the link to it below:

The Declaration of Tea Party Independence:
Thank you, Michelle Hull