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Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Tea Party Patriots' Declaration of Independence

I, Michelle, am the founder and a former coordinator of the Antelope Valley Tea Party Patriots, which is a local group of the Tea Party Patriots located in Lancaster and Palmdale, California and Los Angeles County. I have been questioned, asked to describe, and/or defend the Tea Party Patriots stances on non-partisanship and the non-endorsement of politicians. I have had to shout from the rafters that, the Tea Party patriots, unite to inform, support, and influence citizens to vote their beliefs, but mostly to get out vote. Moreover, that the Tea Party Patriots are a different group, than the Tea Party Express…

I have had to proclaim, so often, that the Tea Party Patriots are not a third political party, but do follow political issues, follow the consensus of the conservative or "Grassroots Movement" of the United States’ Citizens, and does use the people’s consensus to demand the senate and congress govern according to the United States Constitution. While, defending The Nation's Constitution, demanding the Senate and the House not divert from the United States’ Founding Fathers intended meaning of the Constitution. The Tea Party Patriots do this by allowing political parties and the seats they hold to vote according the people’s consensus and social beliefs, by standing up to speak out publically, and by holding rallies to influence the politicians that ultimately vote either for or against the citizen’s consensus.
Although, I am unable to explain the Tea Party Patriots’ Independence from political parties and politicians, as well as the Declaration of Tea Party Patriot’s Independence does, so I have provided the link to it below:

The Declaration of Tea Party Independence:
Thank you, Michelle Hull